Ship vector art.

Cutaway line artwork and drawings of a cruise ship by KHI, Inc..

Blueprint conversions & vector line art drawings

Converting plan and elevation drawings of vessel in a 3D perspective grid.

Tutorials Ship Tutorial Ship Vector Art

Ship Cutaway Vector Line Construction Final Drawing

Nearly completed line drawing with all decks in place. Some architectural details and furnishings are still missing.

Ship Plan & Elevation Vector Drawings

These are the overhead deck plans and ship elevation after being redrawn in vector line art, awaiting placement into master perspective grid.

Empress Vector Deck Plan-View Construction Drawings

Color-coded line drawings of two deck plan-views for the Empress of the Seas cutaway, with all furnishings and architectural details.

Master Perspective Grid for Empress

Initial mapping of the perspective grid for the Empress of the Seas cutaway.

Master Perspective Grid for Ship Vector Drawing

This is a screenshot of the full master perspective grid for Radiance of the Seas, with several elements roughed into place. This grid took up the entire art-board in Adobe Illustrator.

Ship Deck Rough-In to Grid

This is the deck schematic with parallel center-lines and lateral cross-sections of all decks with some of the Deck 6 details in place. This was the first deck to be roughed in.

Ship Deck Level Construction Vector Drawings

This screenshot shows Deck 6 nearly completed with some of the vertical window and porthole elements being added to the ship's outer hull.

Close-Up of Ship Deck Level Construction

This screenshot was taken at 25% of the final vector file's size. The theater seating has just been roughed-in.

Close-Up of Ship Deck Flooring Vector Art

This is a screenshot of the Solarium's mosaic floor tile pattern on Radiance of the Seas Deck 10, showing the vector 'outline mode' and 'color mode.'

Close-Up of Ship Deck Flooring Vector Art

This is a screenshot of the furnishings for Deck 11 of Empress of the Seas showing the vector outline mode and color mode.

Close-Up of Ship Deck Flooring Vector Art

This is a screenshot of the final vector line-art focusing on the center atrium on Empress of the Seas. Color-coding of the line work helps to differentiate common elements.

Ship Vector Art Final

Screenshot of final ship vector art Adobe Illustrator file with all construction layers visible.

Final Ship Vector Art of Midship

Ship vector art close-up of mid-ship centrum.

Final Ship Vector Art of Stern

Ship vector art close-up of stern.

Detailed Cruise Ship Cutaway Drawing

Vessel: Radiance of the Seas

Ship Artwork in Color

Digital Image Data

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