Stylized Automotive Art

Collection of abstract and pop art car drawings by KHI

car abstract art

This collection of stylized, abstract, fantasy and surrealistic car artwork treatments is a little out of the ordinary for the field of automotive illustration but I decided to have some fun with a somewhat predictable art-form by incorporating some of my favorite fine-art styles from abstract and modern art to 60s pop art.

Stylized and Abstract Car Art:

Car Petroglyph

This abstract drawing of a car as a prehistoric petroglyph, or cave painting combines the extremes of old and new.


car petroglyph

Warhol Car Suspension

This abstract drawing of a car suspension incorporates four overlay colors in the iconic style of modern artist Andy Warhol.


warhol car suspension

Car on Antique Map

This photo-illustration places a cut-away sport utility vehicle on a torn and stained antique treasure map.


car on antique map

Leonardo da Vinci Style Car Drawings

These ink sketch drawings are done in the style of da Vinci's scientific technical drawings.


leonardo da vinci style car

Abstract Neon McLaren


abstract neon mclaren

X-Ray Car

This illustration was a farcical version of a conventional cutaway that was used in a poster that was displayed at dealerships throughout North America.


x-ray car

Concept Drawings

These drawings were used as a pre-launch teaser at the inception of the Lexus brand in America.


car concept drawings

Rack & Pinion Unit

This image of a cutaway rack-and-pinion steering unit was a style test for a series of spot illustrations to be used in several car brochures.


rack and pinion unit

Engine with Colored Line Work

This image of a cutaway car engine was also style test for a series of complex illustrations to be used in a car brochure.


stylized engine cutout

Car Blueprint

This image was a piece of self promotion to demonstrate the use of the "blueprint" style to jazz up a conventional technical drawing.


car blueprint

All Images Copyright © 1994-2012 and KHI, all rights reserved.