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Library of generic car engine stock images and drawings by KHI

sport-utility-vehicle suspension in action

This stock image section focuses specifically on car suspensions and suspension cutaway images which are available for resale and licensing. Some of suspension stock images include drawings of front and rear suspension units, multilink suspensions, full vehicle chassis suspensions, coil shock absorbers, trailing link units, fixed rear axle and rear-wheel drive suspensions and steering components. A few of the generic suspensions on this page were created specifically for aftermarket resale, and are not identifiable with a particular brand, marque or manufacturer.

Libraries of Car Stock Images

Car Front Suspension Unit

This image depicts a car's entire front suspension unit with lower control arms, coil spring shock absorbers, front CV joints and a rack-and-pinion steering unit.


front suspension unit with steering components

Trailing-Link Rear Suspension

This overhead illustration shows a car's trailing link suspension with sway bars and coil springs as well as wheels and tires.


trailing-link rear suspension

Front Multilink Suspension

This image shows a car's passenger side multilink front suspension with upper and lower control arms, coil spring shock absorber and anti-sway stabilizer bar.


front multi-link suspension

Front and Rear Car Suspension

These two images show the front and rear suspension units from an economy car, with a basic lower control a-arm and shock absorber for the front, and twin lower links for the rear unit.


front and rear car suspension

Rear Sub-Frane and Suspension Unit

This top-view illustration shows a basic economy car's rear suspension unit with the sub-frame, lower links, shocks and wheels.


rear sub-frane and suspension unit

Car CV Joint

This exploded isometric illustration shows a front-wheel-drive car's constant velocity CV joint assembly and axle.


car cv joint exploded illustration

Truck Chassis

This isolated image shows an entire truck chassis with ladder-frame, driveline and suspension.


truck chassis

Disc Brake Diagram

This diagram shows a car's full disc brake assembly with the rotor, caliper, brake pads, retaining clips and springs.


disc brake diagram

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