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pickup truck motor

This page contains several cutaway automobile engines and car motor exterior drawings which are available for resale and licensing. These images highlight the engine's internal workings showing the pistons and crankshaft, overhead camshafts and valves, as well as timing chains or belts, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil flow channels and coolant water jackets.

Libraries of Car Stock Images

V6 Car Engine Cutaway

This image illustrates car's V6 engine which has been cutaway to show the twin belt-driven double overhead cams, four valve per cylinder configuration, pistons and rings and crankshaft, as well as a sectioned intake manifold and exhaust manifold.


v6 car engine cutaway

V8 Car Engine

This image depicts a passenger car's V8 engine that has been cutaway to show the pistons, crankshaft, overhead camshafts, valve train and timing chain.


4-speed automatic transmission cutaway

Four Cylinder Car Engine

This image depicts a passenger car's inline four cylinder engine which has been cutaway to show the DOHC configuration over four pistons and crankshaft.


four cylinder car engine cutaway

V6 Hybrid Assist Engine

This image depicts a fictitious V6 hybrid engine with auxiliary electric motor in a front-wheel-drive configuration.


v6 hybrid engine cutaway

4-Speed Automatic Transmission

This image depicts an Infiniti passenger car's four-speed automatic transmission that has been cutaway to show the gears, clutch, flywheel and torque converter.


4-speed automatic transmission cutaway

Variable-Valve Intake

This image depicts a car engine's variable-valve intake system with the piston, twin overhead camshafts and cam followers, intake and exhaust valves and ports.


variable valve intake

Car Engine Starter Motor

This illustration of a car's starter motor shows the electric motor's solenoid, magnets and copper windings.


car engine starter motor

Car Engine Alternator

This image depicts a car engine's isolated alternator, pulley and belt.


car engine alternator

Car Engine AC System

This image depicts a car engine's air conditioning system with pulleys and belts, condenser, compressor and refrigerant canister.


car engine air conditioning system

V6 Engine Cross-Section

This V6 engine is sectioned laterally showing the motor's V configuration as well as the intake and exhaust paths which are color-coded.


V6 engine cross-section

Cooling System

This image depicts a car engine's cooling system components including the water pump, radiator and hoses..


cooling system

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