Industrial and product technical illustrations.

Product illustrations of machinery, equipment, electronics and medical devices.

product illustration sample

This page contains over dozens of samples of industrial machinery illustrations, electronic devices, medical equipment images, architectural renderings and images, building and construction materials, and various product illustrations in cutaway, ghosted, transparent or phantom view illustration style. All of the artwork in this portfolio was created with traditional airbrush (paint) on board or digitally, working in the CMYK colorspace.

Product Illustration Samples:

Reticle inspection scanner

Technical illustration of defect detection device used in semiconductor computer chip manufacturing.


Reticle inspection scanner

Canon Digital SLR Camera

Cutaway technical illustration image of Canon EOS-1 digital single lens reflex professional camera.


canon digital slr camera

Puradyn Oil Filter

This technical illustration shows a Puradyn heavy-duty bypass oil filter used in diesel or hydraulic engines.


puradyn oil filter

Spark Plug

This illustration of a car engine's high-performance spark plug was created for Split Fire.


Spark plug

Cruise Ship Illustration

This technical illustration cutaway of the Brilliance of the Seas, passenger liner cruise ship was done for Royal Caribbean. The size of this illustration was 40 inches at 350dpi.


Cruise ship illustration

Linear Accelerator Cutaway

PRIMUS Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) medical radiation machine technical illustration.


linear accelerator

Kodak Laser Printer

This technical illustration shows a digital color printer's light path.


Kodak laser printer light path

Artificial Heart Valve

This series of medical technical cutaway images depict a Pyrolite aortic heart valve prosthesis.


Artificial heart valve cutaway

Hubble Telescope

This illustration was created in the early 1980s as part of a promotional rollout for the launch of the Hubble space telescope. The image was created for a NASA sub-contractor in Southern California.


hubble telescope

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

This illustration of a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter jet was created for a defense sub-contractor.


Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

MRI Room Illustration

This technical wiring diagram depicts the schematic layout of a hospital MRI room.


MRI room illustration

Mountain Bike Front Suspension

This technical illustration shows the interior workings of a front fork assembly and bicycle suspension system.


Mountain bike front suspension

» Portfolio of Industrial Illustrations, Machinery, Products & Architectural Renderings «

Throughout our company's history we have created technical illustrations for every conceivable type of technological product and innovation, from weapons systems for the Department of Defense, the Hubble Space Telescope, bathysphere submersibles, rocket sleds and the Star Wars missile defense system; to radiological devices to treat cancer, microscopic nano-technology particles, silicon microchips and artificial heart valves. Typically, client-supplied reference includes blueprints, engineering drawings, CAD files or photographs; but for an additional fee our company can supply the photographic reference. Final art is typically delivered as a Photoshop .psd layered file.

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