Automotive Infographics and Diagrams

Portfolio of basic information graphics, diagrams and schematic images.

car infographics diagrams

This portfolio page contains basic diagrammatic and schematic simple technical line and 4-color infographics, diagrams and grafik images for use in product marketing and instruction booklets and owner's manuals. Info-graphics are designed to convey a quick and easy to understand graphic representation of product construction, assembly and use.

These simple icon graphics are well suited for clothing manufacturers, recreational product manufacturers and uncomplicated consumer products and services, and are best when they appear as small images on the page.

Samples of Car Diagrams and Infographics:

Car Safety Infographics

These simple line infographics depict a car's structural reinforcements and adaptive lighting system. The client was Lexus.


car safety infographics

Car Traction Control Infographics

These simple full color infographics depict a car's reaction to skidding and driving or turning on a wet surface when the automatic traction control system is applied. The client was Acura North America.


car traction control system

Car Fuel Cell Infographic

These color infographic diagram illustrates the construction and chemical process in a car's hydrogen fuel cell which converts a liquid or gaseous fuel into electricity. The client was Toyota Motor Corporation.


car fuel cell infographic

Oil Filter Element

This color automotive infographic explains the additive pellets for a diesel engine's bypass oil filter.


oil filter element infographic

Airbags Infographic

This color infographic demonstrates the deployment of the passenger and driver airbags in a pickup truck.


dual airbags

Coolant Flow Infographic

This infographic demonstrates the flow and pathways of antifreeze coolant fluid through the car's radiator and engine block as the fluid cools down and is reheated.


coolant flow

Car ABS Infographics

These simple full color infographics depict a car's anti-lock braking system and its reaction to skidding or turning on a wet surface.


car abs infographics

Car Audio System Speaker Diagrams

The infographics on the left demonstrate the dispersion of sound wave throughout the vehicles and the image on the right is a cutaway of a Bose door speaker.


car audio system speaker diagram

Non-Automotive Infographics:

Laser Printer Optics

This infographic depicts a digital color printer's light path through the various glass lenses and prisms.


laser printer optics and light path

Clothing Outerwear Construction Layers

This infographic demonstrates the construction of the outer shell fabric layers in Patagonia clothing outerwear.


clothing outerwear construction layers

Computer Chip

This silicon microchip infographic shows a schematic with a fictitious fingerprint circuit. This image was done for Intel and the McCann Erickson advertising agency.


computer chip infographic

Color Printer Icons

These infographic icons show Kodak's digital color printer functions.


Kodak color printer icons

Wetsuit Construction Diagram

This simple infographic illustrates the fabric layering of wetsuit as shown in a highly-magnified cross-section.


wetsuit construction diagram

Golf Club Construction Infographic

This simple infographic shows the construction of Aldila NV Vodoo's micro laminate layer.


Golf club construction infographic

Golf Club Construction Infographics

These simple cutaway illustrations show a Titleist golf club's head weighting, construction and design.


golf club construction infographics

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