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Portfolio of assembly illustrations, breakaway drawings and cross-sections.

isometric exploded drawing of car brake components

This portfolio page contains illustrations that were done in the exploded view or exploded isometric style of technical drawing, where the exterior shell of a product or piece of machinery and all of its internal parts or components are "exploded" or moved away from each-other so that they are floating in space on the correct perspective plane. These technical drawings can be done in perspective view or in exploded isometric view, and are typically connected by construction lines that provide a visual cue as to their original locations or assembly points. See our isometric drawing tutorial for further details on this illustration style.

Samples of Exploded Illustrations:

Pickup Truck Exploded Illustration

This Isuzu 4X4 print ad shows an exploded illustration with the pickup's cab and driveline being lifted of of the chassis. This airbrush illustration was done for Isuzu No. America and Ketchum Advertising in Los Angeles.


pickup truck exploded illustration

Car Disc Brake

This exploded isometric illustration shows a car's disc brake assembly, rotor, caliper and composite brake pads.


disc brake exploded illustration

Car Unibody Exploded Illustration

Exploded illustration of an Infinity sedan's unibody construction and stamped body-in-white sheet-metal skeleton frame. This image was part of an extensive series for DDB Worldwide and Infiniti of North America.


Car unibody frame exploded illustration

Longitudinal Engine Cross-Section

Inline 4-cylinder car engine that is sectioned longitudinally from front to rear.


longitudinal car engine cross-section

Cross-Section of a Car

Sectioned passenger car and engine that is cut longitudinally from front to rear. This image was created for Nissan.


car cross-section

Latteral Cross-Section of V6 Car Engine

This sectioned V6 car engine is cut laterally from left to right to show the "V" configuration. This illustration was done for Toyota Motor Corp.


V6 car engine cross-section

Car Safety Features

This exploded illustration shows a car's isolated safety features and construction, including the ABS anti-lock braking system, door beams and structural body reinforcements.


car safety features exploded illustration

Car Drum Brake

This exploded isometric illustration shows a car's drum brake assembly, drum, retaining springs and composite brake shoes.


drum brake exploded illustration

Rack & Pinion Mechanism Section View

This sectioned cutaway shows the gearing mechanism rack-and-pinion steering was a style test for a series of spot illustrations to be used in several car brochures.


rack and pinion mechanism section view

Car CV Joint

This exploded isometric illustration shows a front-wheel-drive car's constant velocity CV joint assembly and axle.


car cv joint exploded illustration

Non-Automotive Exploded Illustrations:

Giro mountain hemet

Giro snowboard helmet fit system print ad showing exploded helmut components.


Mountain bike hemet

Lighting Diagrams

This isometric diagram was part of a series of 1,000 technical drawings for the Prudential industrial lighting line.


light fixture exploded diagram

Diamond faceting diagrams

Faceting diagrams for several diamond cuts.


Diamond faceting exploded diagram

Electro Plater Used in Wafer Fabrication

Sectioned views of a Novellus Sabre XT Electro Plater, continuous plasma deposition machine.


Wafer fab electro plater cross-section

» Exploded View Illustrations, Cross-Sections Breakaways & Line Assembly Drawings «

The exploded illustration style of assembly drawing is also referred to as a breakaway drawing, and is especially well suited for product diagrams showing that basic assembly of the subject. These illustrations are typically used in instruction manuals and repair manuals. To see how an exploded illustration is created, check out our newest line drawing and ellipse tutorials.

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