Automotive Cutaway Illustrations

Portfolio of automotive and product cutaway artwork by Kevin Hulsey

automotive cutaway drawing

This portfolio page contains illustrations and drawings that were done in the traditional cutaway, cut-out, or break-away style of technical drawing, where the exterior skin or shell of the object is actually cut away and removed from view, revealing the interior inner workings and machinery.

Cutaway technical illustrations and drawings:

V8 Engine Cutaway

This engine cutaway was part of a series of 40+ illustrations used in the Acura NSX consumer brochure and hard-bound coffee table gift book. This original illustration was done with ink and acrylic airbrush at 30" x 30" illustration board.


V8 engine cutaway

Oil Filter Cutaway

This digital illustration shows a car's conventional replacement oil filter that has been cutaway to show the paper filter element. The client was American Honda.


oil filter cutaway

4-Speed Automatic Transmission Cutaway

This image depicts an Infiniti passenger car's four-speed automatic transmission that has been cutaway to show the gears, clutch, flywheel and torque converter.


4-speed automatic transmission cutaway

Diesel Truck Oil Filter Cutaway

This image illustrates an aftermarket bypass oil filter for diesel trucks, which has been cutaway to show the oil flow and pathway through a combination of filtering elements.


diesel truck bypass oil filter cutaway

4-Cylinder Engine Cutaway

This engine cutaway was part of a series of 20+ illustrations that used in Acura Integra consumer brochures. This original illustration was done with ink and acrylic airbrush at 30" x 30" illustration board.


4 cylider engine cutaway

Tire cutaways

These two images show a cutaway illustration of a Hankook Milage Plus GT car tire and a drawing of a bicycle tire showing the structural ply layers.


Tire cutaways

Non-Automotive Technical Cutaways:

Cutaway Cruise Ship

This super high-resolution shows a cutaway passenger liner called Empress of the Seas. The digital drawing measures 40 inces at 350dpi and is over 1gb in file size. You can see how this illustration was created here: Ship Vector Line Drawings, and you can see a closeup shot here.


ship cutaway

Reticle inspection scanner

Technical illustration of defect detection device used in semiconductor computer chip manufacturing.


Reticle inspection scanner

Sonos Speaker System

This illustration was created for Sonos, showing their wireless multi-room speaker system within a cutaway image of a single-family home.


sonos house cutaway

Snowboarding Helmet Cutaway

This image shows the air flow ventilation system in a Giro freestyle snowboard helmet.


snowboarding helmet cutaway

Calibration Measuring Instruments

Series of cutaway illustrations showing Sony measuring probes and calibration devices.


calibration measuring Instruments

» Traditional Cut-Away Technical Illustrations «

The cutaway drawing style of technical drawing is especially well suited for subjects with extremely complicated exterior views, such as engines and ships, but it can also be useful for objects with very simple exteriors where ghosting would be impractical. The cut away edge of the outer shell is typically 'broken' away (aka "breakaway") in a zig-zag pattern so that it can be clearly distinguished from the internal workings. Our cutaway artwork is typically used in print advertising, consumer dealership brochures and automobile-related collateral marketing materials and campaigns. To see how these illustrations and drawings were created, please visit out our how to draw a car and ship cutaway drawing tutorials.

All Images Copyright © 1994-2015 and KHI, all rights reserved.

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